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What for?

Recently I was asked, what is the point of rummaging out old ideas and naming them again? Why shouldn’t we start with new ideas right away? Surely a thought that is shared by many.

But there […]

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More thoughts on ideas

In the course of my work many questions and suggestions arose. Feel free to browse. And if you want to tell me something about it, I am looking forward to your comments.

My favorite methods – Today: 6 W

the other day, my youngest son came out of school enthusiastically. They had just discussed the subject of fire and he excitedly told me that he now knows how to behave in the event of a fire. I asked him: "And how do you behave? [...]

My favorite methods – Today: 5-Whys

Why is a great question word! There is probably no answer that does not allow another why question. With Why comes up to the core of a matter and even beyond. The more you ask, the clearer the connections become. Each answer throws a further [...]

My favorite methodes – Today: Letter to Grandma

Writing handwritten letters is a special activity. One must first think about what one wants to communicate to the recipient. One cannot simply write on it, because the deletion or exchange of sentence parts does not go, since one would deface or destroy otherwise the [...]