Many faces

Facilitating workshops or coaching people always needs to bring in many perspectives to completely adapt to the individual situation. Regarding what you need and want, I can offer a variety of roles and experiences to fulfill your needs.

The Innovation coach

has innumerable methods for improving innovative strength in his portfolio and sees where new ideas can be found and how.

The product manager

sees new products and approaches in topics and developments.

The business developer

identifies the connections between different needs and incorporates them into effective business models.

The lawyer

speaks the legal terminology and can translate it into everyday statements.

The family man

knows the power of childlike, playful curiosity and unconditional trial and error.

The stage professional

knows how to be convincing and inspiring in front of a greater audience.

The far-traveled

has learned to react flexibly to changes and to adapt to different cultures.

Der human being

listens and helps to find the right individual solutions.

What makes me who I am

Many things are important to me. In my job I attach great importance to the following


My Experiences

The sum of my experiences formed me to who I am today.



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