Do you also have heroes from your childhood? Should you soon be caught in the all too human trap that you urgently need a solution to a problem and have no suitable idea at hand? Then simply remember your heroes and let them do the work for you – at least in the figurative sense.

One of my youthful role models is the clever inhabitant of this invincible village in Gaul, which has been making life difficult for the Romans for almost 60 years. Together with his courageous companions Obelix and Idefix, Asterix masters his always bizarre adventures with a mixture of creativity, intelligence and a good portion of magic potion.

Now you will ask yourself, how can this be done? Let the Asterix do the work? Quite simply. First of all, make yourself aware of your problem (which you should always do, because that’s where the brainstorming basically begins). You probably think: “I know what my problem is! Sometimes it’s true, but it’s often the case that you don’t realize until you’re more intensively involved that you’re unconsciously or even consciously ignoring a certain part of the problem. This is how the manufacturer of Cheetos cheese snacks came up with the idea of launching a Cheetos-flavored lip balm on the market. The offer flopped. Maybe you should have asked your customers if they would like a cheese-flavoured lipstick.

The best thing to do, then, is to write down roughly what the problem is, what characterizes it, and what things need to be considered. The 5-Why method (LINK) or the 6-W method (LINK) are very suitable for this.

Then turn to your hero: Ask yourself the question, what would Asterix do to solve the problem? How would he approach it, what would he do first? Would he use a trick, and if so, what would he do? Would he ask his friend Obelix to use his power? Would he use a sip of magic potion and go “through the wall” himself?

Let your ideas run wild and write down everything that comes to mind, the crazier the better.

And now comes the trick: “Translate” the deeds, tools, partners, procedures of your hero into the real world. You will see, suddenly logical, feasible solutions emerge! Just try it out!

By the way, you can also take any other hero, or even several, then you get all the more possible solutions: Here are a few hero suggestions for you: Wickie, E.T. Terminator, Cleopatra, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Christopher Columbus, Caesar and many more.

Try out Sie´s!

P.S.: This method is also called “The Eyes of the Expert”.