Reaching your goals individually 

Accompanying innovations essentially means understanding the corporate culture and introducing the right and effective approaches that produce truly valuable ideas. Sometimes you have to initiate, accompany or guide. A variety of methods are used, including Design Thinking, Business Model Generation, Lean Startup and others.

What I offer

Ideation, evaluating ideas and enabling of innovation. I´d love to support you!


Let´s get inspired

Do you need an impulse for your creative work? In this case, entertaining impulse lectures are particularly suitable, especially about current trends, work, scientific facts or ones own mindset. Just ask me.


Extracting ideas

Ideas are mostly in people’s minds. But how do they come to light? In my ideation workshops you can create your ideas, make them visible and give them space. As a facilitator I lead these workshops with all kinds of creative techniques and idea evaluation methods. So you can concentrate on your ideas



Whether a staff meeting, a panel discussion or a congress. I have successfully designed and facilitated various formats. I am happy to support your events with competence, curiosity and a bit of humour.

Individual solutions

Ideation and innovation consulting have many faces. I support with individually selected methods.

Impulse speeches


Conceptual design


business modeling



Innovation management


For whom

Developing products, creating new services, finding new ways to approach customers, restructuring internal and external processes…

Everywhere ideas are needed but not one case equals another. Therefore I will work closely with you in advance to analyze, which methods promise to be successful to your needs, what time frame is essential to reach the goals and what actions can halo to facilitate the work.

Depending on the five main questions of what, where, when, who and what for, you will get the best possible approach to success.

What Who (mainly) How
Personal Change Individuals (privat and/or business change) Mixture of micro methods, coaching and creativity methods
New Products/Services Small companies, medium-sized companies and corporations Ideation Workshops, Design Thinking, Lean StartUp
Installing Innovation medium-sized companies and corporations Innovation Coaching, employee trainings, ideation workshops
Innovation status quo  small and medium-sized companies workshops, concept design and implementation
Innovation scouting small and medium-sized companies Analysis and research of relevant technologies and trends

Meine Angebote

How much

Individual needs for individual prices

What I do for you is as individual as what you want as a result. So on each request I will thoroughly calculate how much time and effort is needed for your project and I will offer an fair and individual price for my services. Just contact me and you´ll see, its affordable.

You want some personal exchange?

Contact me, I’m excited to get news from you.

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