Recently I was asked, what is the point of rummaging out old ideas and naming them again? Why shouldn’t we start with new ideas right away? Surely a thought that is shared by many.

But there are two main advantages of “warming up” ideas that have been put forward before:
– First, the brain is “liberated” from these ideas. By naming ideas, one creates space in the brain for something new. You name and write down your existing ideas and show them to reality. By the way, this does not only work in a team, but also in a quiet room. Only when you have named everything that has ever stood in the room as an idea can you calmly turn to the new inspirations. And so, where you had supposedly already had groundbreaking ideas, completely new approaches suddenly emerge.

– And secondly, it is precisely in a group that you think you have already presented this or that idea and carried it to the grave. But other participants didn’t know about this approach so far, which might suddenly get exactly the knack with one or the other mental ingredient of a third person, which then brings this idea forward again.

So it’s quite simple, really realizable ideas come when you make the existing ideas clear to yourself. Actually also quite simple…

Think for yourself!