What to do if a participant wants to skip out of the online training session because the technology does not behave like it should? This is exactly what happened to me recently at a digital workshop. An offline training had been moved to the Internet. While most of the participants were curious about the digital format and moved through the technical onboarding with interest, one of them shied away from it. She sat in front of her computer like a pile of misery and made it clear that she had no idea about technology and that the digital workshop was unreasonable for her.

Technology is no witchcraft

In this situation, it once again proved that it makes perfectly sense to offer our online training in pairs. This gave me the opportunity to concentrate on the participant in private – the rest of the group was in good hands with my co-presenter. It didn’t take much to get the skeptical participant back on board. I accompanied her as she went through the technical onboarding at her own pace. She playfully tested the tools and their functions, asked questions, and after a short time was surprised to find that everything was much easier than she had feared.

From skeptic to biggest fan

And not only that! After this positive experience, the participant took part in the workshop with great motivation and was even the one who was most enthusiastic about the digital format in the final feedback round.

It also happens the other way around 

I have already experienced the exact opposite. Onboarding was planned, there were time constraints at short notice, and only half as much time was left for the actual exploration of the tools. So we explained the technology at a rapid pace. Not a good idea, as we discovered. The workshop was bumpy, the participants were frustrated, the result was bleak.

Which underlines my experience: There is nothing like a thorough technique onboarding, so that all participants are on the same level and enjoy the digital training. Speaking of fun: A technical onboarding doesn’t have to be a dull event, but can already be the first highlight of the workshop – with technical playgrounds, interesting tools, creative approaches.

I’m happy to share my experiences in this respect – you too? I am looking forward to an exchange!