Writing handwritten letters is a special activity. One must first think about what one wants to communicate to the recipient. One cannot simply write on it, because the deletion or exchange of sentence parts does not go, since one would deface or destroy otherwise the beautiful form.

Exactly this principle uses the creativity method “Letter to Grandma”. If you want to find solutions, then you should first deal again exactly with the problem or the setting of tasks at the beginning. Make yourself clear for a moment what it is actually about, what the basis for your idea finding is.

In addition, everyone in the team (it also works for individuals, by the way) is given the task of explaining the product, the service and the offer to their grandmother in a letter so that she understands it. The letter is written by hand and can then be read out anonymously by the moderator or openly by the participants, but then on a voluntary basis. This simple method sharpens the understanding of the specific problem and at the same time helps to concentrate on it.

Try it yourself!