The second wave is coming. Once again we are faced with the situation that on-site trainings are cancelled and personal coaching sessions are no longer booked. Contacts to customers are lost – and there is no end in sight. These are hard times for all those who offer trainings or coaching.

But the experience of the past months shows: We trainers are not helplessly at the mercy of this situation. We have it in our own hands – if we dare to take the step into the world wide web. Because almost everything that we use offline can also be done virtually. This insight surprised me at first. But the longer I conduct and accompany online workshops, the more fascinated I am by how incredibly diverse the world of digital coaching is.

What is possible…

Group work? Is possible. Splitting up into small groups and discussing? Works. Voting on different topics? Sure. Write a sticky note and pass it on to the next participant virtually? It works. Write together on a digital whiteboard? Of course. Even bar camps, international conferences and management training courses are possible. The Internet offers a vast number of tools that make online training not only possible, but also really efficient.

Two amazing findings

Dealing with the possibilities of digital training gave me a steep learning curve – especially when it got bumpy in the practical implementation. During this time I gained (and marveled at) two insights in particular:

  • Online coaching can even be more effective than face-to-face training because the participants work in front of their computers in a very concentrated and focused way – but this only applies if the workshops are well planned and there is plenty of room for interactivity.
  • For coaching larger groups with different methods, a tandem of two trainers is absolutely necessary. This ensures that the facilitator can concentrate on the content while the co-moderator / facilitator takes care of the technique, and the coaches can take turns. Note: Not only we trainers have to learn to work on the net, the participants feel the same way.
    What interests me: Have you had similar experiences? Are you interested in an exchange among colleagues? Please use the comment function.

Sincerely Armin Schobloch