I’d love to go to a special museum soon. Unfortunately I can’t, because although there is this museum, you can’t go there and have a look at the collection of highly interesting exhibits worth discussing. Because it is a museum without its own exhibition space.

That in itself is an innovative approach. And when you look at which exhibits the MoX, the Museum of Failure, houses, you notice that these are innovations of a significant kind. They are all innovations that have not been able to establish themselves on the market, that have not found a clientele, that have not survived the most powerful marketing strategies – in short: that have flopped.

The Swedish organizational psychologist Dr. Samuel West has compiled this unique collection. He points out that these more than 100 exhibits are an impressive learning experience, as it is very easy to find out why certain approaches have failed.

However, there is a possibility to visit the Museum of Failure. You can book this exhibition yourself and present it in your company or at your event. Or you visit an event where the MoX also exhibits.

And if you were there, let me know, I would love to read a report about it.

Be curious!

P.S.: You can get a first impression of the museum here: https://youtu.be/slNKzCovPqg and you can find out more about the museum here: https://museumoffailure.com