How to get rid of ideas forever!

You want to systematically destroy ideas? Are you planning to extinguish creativity in your company, in your colleagues, in the whole universe of ideas?

If so I have the perfect advise for you: put on an arsenal of really effective killer phrases and you will see that ideas will disappear forever.

Here is a small selection:

  • We’ve always done it this way
  • Too expensive
  • Impossible
  • No one wants that
  • We have seen it many times
  • This exists already
  • Stupid (alternative or cumulative: silly, idiotic, foolish, completely banana…)
  • What’s the point?
  • This would go beyond our budget.
  • Life isn´t a bowl of cherries.
  • And very subversive, therefore very popular: Yes, but..

This list can be extended at will and can be customized to suit your company, your industry and your customers. I am sure you will find many more killer phrases and become a real professional killer.

But if you are on the other side of the ideas and would like to contribute to generating and promoting ideas, then you should consider the following: Take a few minutes at the beginning of your workshop and collect the most powerful and appropriate killer phrases together with the participants. Hang up this list in a clearly visible place and agree with the participants not to use these phrases during the workshop. This way they can point out that all objections should be taken into account when evaluating the ideas. They can even introduce “sanctions”, e.g. killer points. You will see that it works wonders.

Just try it!

P.S.: By the way, there are many different types of brainstorming, e.g. anonymous brainstorming, silent brainstorming, brainwalking or even brainrace. Use one of these forms and your team will thank you with fun and many ideas. You can find out more here: